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Dave Hornby, Jamf: So what's with the Microsoft and Jamf partnership?

Find out what went on behind the scenes at Jamf in 2017

Samuel Keeley: (Real) Security for the Mac Admin

Run down of what should be important for the Mac admin in 2018

Yannis Lagogiannis: Device Management-as-a-Platform: What? Why? How?

What is Device Management-as-a-Platform?

Tom Bridge: Information Technology in the Performing Arts

A Case Study in Two Venues

alz Aschwanden and Michael Husar, University of Basel: Ansible upside down – Introducing the ANTS fr

In this talk, we present our approach to systems administration:

Graham Gilbert and Brett Demetris, Airbnb: Curing operating system blindness

With the right management tools, operating system inclusivity is achievable

dataJAR: The Second Class Citizen

How serious is Apple about business users?

  •   By MacAD Videos
  • Beginner
  • March 2, 2018

Armin Briegel: The macOS School of Terminal Witchcraft and Wizardry

Terminal, the command line, shell. A powerful tool and a tedious chore

Joel Rennich: Owning AD Through the NoMAD AD Auth Framework

Discover how you can easily add AD authentication and password changes to your application

Kerberos 1.01

What you need to know about Kerberos, MIT's Network Service Authentication Protocol